Sunday, February 26, 2012

ADMIRAL — Kunkka | Item Build | DotA

Admiral of Sentinel is very playful for each game. He plays a lot of roles especially for Tank, Hitter or Carry or he can be a Support also. Item build for Kunkka should support more his strength because his skills are just not that primes when building a powerful Kunkka in the game.

The starting item build for Kunkka can be the following:
Ring of Protection – This item should be improved in to Ring of Basilius for mana regeneration during his early game.
Ironwood Branch – I consider to buy 3 Ironwood Branch and that should be improved into Magic Wand.
Magic Stick – This is the best item when playing against a spell caster enemies or when you put Kunkka in to role with the “Trilane” play.
Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item is good for regeneration when in mid health condition. Since Kunkka is a melee hero, expect the long range enemy heroes to harass you during the early game.
Healing Salve – This item is best when Kunkka is in low health condition.
Gauntlets of Strength – Buying this item may increase your strength enhancing your damage, armor and health regeneration even in a very low attributes. Some buys only one of these but some are two. Can be upgrade to Bracer or Urn of Shadows.
Circlet of Nobility – This item adds all attributes to Kunkka and giving him the more power during the game. Some buys it just one because CoB is very expensive.
Stout Shield – This item is good for defending yourself against harassing enemy heroes. This is upgraded into Vanguard.

The mid game item build for Kunkka can be the following:
Phase Boots – This is a better choose in escaping and chasing enemies. Thus, it has an attack damage so it is good for Kunkka’s Tidebringer.
Power Treads – Kunkka might be tougher as he can. Choosing strength attribute for Power Treads might give him really good strength but has less chance of chasing and escaping.
Vanguard – This item gives a lot of toughness to Kunkka and can be carried until late game.
Perseverance – This item gives Kunkka a great both health and mana regeneration. This might be upgraded into Battlefury or Linken’s Sphere.
Lothar’s Edge – This item grants Kunkka a lot more chance in escaping and chasing heroes.
Ancient Janggo of Endurance – This might help Kunkka to kill with group, faster attack speed with high attack power is indeed for him.
Medallion of Courage – This helps him to take a lot more damage to enemies.
Yasha – This grants Kunkka speed with both his attack and movement. Can be upgrade into Manta Style or Sange and Yasha.
Force Staff – This can be an alternative item for Lothar’s Edge. It helps him more in escaping and chasing heroes.
Vladimir’s Offering – This life steal can be the best choice because it has different auras that helps Kunkka in damage and armor.
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity – This might help placing his Torrent skill on enemies.

The late game item build for Kunkka can be the following:
Battlefury – This helps Kunkka in farming, attack damage and HP regeneration.
Linken’s Sphere – This item is very helpful for any hero against spell casters.
Black King Bar – This is very helpful in playing against spell caster heroes.
Boots of Travel – This item is very helpful in pushing strategies and farming and for immediate response in clash.
Assault Cuirass – This grants Kunkka more toughness because of its armor and a better attack speed.
Stygian Desolator – This is very painful for enemies as it gives massive attack damage for Kunkka together with his Tidebringer skill.
Buriza De Kyanon – This also grants attack damage to Kunkka.
Satanic – This is very helpful in playing against more playful Hitter enemies. He can’t stand on them but his toughness plus life steal can lead him for a kill.
Radiance – This gives him attack damage and helps for better farming.
Heart of Tarrasque – This grants him more strength attribute and toughness.

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