Monday, February 20, 2012


The last of the blood artifacts forged by the powerful Hemomancer Erythros centuries ago.

Gold:                     5050

Bought From:    Protectorate

Usage:                  +500 HP
+400 mana
+9 HP/sec regeneration
+200% mana regeneration
Bloodpact (passive)

Requirements:  Soul Booster (3300)
                                Perseverance (1750)

Notes:                  Starts with 6 charges.

                                Bloodstone gains 1 charge each time an enemy hero dies in 1600 AoE
                                Each charge gives 1 Mana regeneration per second
                                When the bearer dies, Bloodpact restores 400 + 30 per charge HP to allied units in 1675 range, and Bloodstone loses a third (0.333) of its charges (rounded down)
                                While dead, the bearer gains 1800/1800 AoE vision at the location of death, and gains experience in 1000 AoE at that location
                                Gold lost on death is reduced by 25 per charge
                                Respawn time is reduced by 4 seconds per charge
                                Bloodpact only functions for the highest priority Bloodstone in the inventory