Saturday, February 18, 2012


An enchanted blade that allows the user to cut straight into the enemy's soul.

Gold Price:          3300

Bought From:    Enchanted Artifacts

Usage:                  +22/26 Agility
+6/10 Intelligence
Feedback (passive)
Purge (active)

Requirements:  2 X Blade of Alacrity(1000)
                                Robe of the Magi (450)
                                Diffusal Blade (850)
                                Can be upgraded once by buying the recipe again
Starts with 8 charges, charges are refreshed to 8 when it is upgraded

Notes:                  Feedback
                                Causes your attacks to burn 20 (36 when upgraded) mana and deal bonus physical damage equal to the amount of mana burned
                                Orb effect and buff placer

                                Purges a target unit, removing buffs, slowing, and dealing damage if it is a summoned unit
                                Deals 99999 damage to summoned units
                                Non-hero units will be paused for the first 3 seconds instead of slowed
                                Slow lasts 4 seconds, Purge has a 8 second cooldown, and a 600 cast range

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