Saturday, February 18, 2012


Gold Price:          4900

Bought From:    Ancient Weaponary

Usage:                  +40 Agility
+10 Strength
+10 Intelligence
Ether Blast (active)

Requirements:  Eaglehorn (3300)
                                Ghost Scepter (1600)
Can be disassembled

Notes:                  Ether blast
                                Ether Blast converts you and target enemy unit into ethereal form.
                                Target unit is slowed by 80% for 3 seconds and is dealt 75 + 2x your agility as magical damage.
                                If you target yourself you won't be slowed nor damaged
                                Ethereal units take 40% extra magic damage and cannot attack or be attacked.
                                Costs 50 mana, has a 30s cooldown and a 800 cast range.
                                Shares cooldown with Ghost Scepter