Saturday, February 18, 2012


The fabled dagger used by Kelen, the fastest assassin ever to walk the lands of Azeroth.

Gold Price:          2150

Bought From:    Cache of Quel-thelan

Usage:                  Blink (active)
Kelen's Dagger cannot be held by Butcher or Vengeful Spirit
Buyable from Goblin Merchant

 Note:                   Blink
                                Teleports the caster to a nearby location instantly
                                1200 range
                                Targeting an item in your inventory will blink you in the direction of that item's pick-up location
                                Cannot be used if the carrier was damaged by an enemy player-controlled unit in the last 3 seconds
                                Self damage does not disable Blink, but damage from Roshan does
                                Costs 75 mana, has an 14 second cooldown

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