Saturday, February 18, 2012


A garnet rod constructed from the essence of a fire demon, Orchid Malevolence can burn away an enemy's spellcasting capabilities for a limited time.

Gold Price:          4125

Bought From:    Arcane Sanctum

Usage:                  +25 Intelligence
+30 attack speed
+30 damage
+150% mana regeneration
Soul Burn (active)

Requirements:  2 X Oblivion Staff (1675)
                                Orchid Malevolence(775)

Notes:                  Soul Burn
                                Silences a target unit and amplifies the damage it takes by 25%
                                Amplified damage is dealt at the end of the duration as magical damage
                                Lasts 5 seconds, costs 100 mana, has a 18 second cooldown, and a 900 cast range

1 comment:

  1. I think that's the best item. I mean, it match with almost every hero! It gives the IAS needed for some orb attacker. IT gives the Mana pool and regen needed for a spammer. It gives a lot of damage!