Saturday, February 18, 2012


Teleports you to a friendly building

Gold Price:          135

Bought From:    Ancient of Wonders

Usage:                  Teleport (active)
Buyable from Goblin Laboratory
Stacks with itself in inventory
1 charge
Double clicking on the item will automatically target your fountain

Requirements:  N/A

Notes:                  Teleport
                                Teleports you to an allied building
                                Can be targeted at a point up to 525 range away from the building instead of directly on it, it will teleport you to that spot instead
                                If the targeted point is closer than 50 range to the tower, 70 will be used as the distance from the tower instead
                                When you use Teleport, the minimap is pinged for your allies at the target location of your teleport, and you are given 200 AoE vision at the target location for the duration of the teleport
                                When the teleport finishes, trees are destroyed around the landing spot in a 480x480 square
                                The casting time of the teleport is determined by how many allies have targeted a Scroll of Town Portal in a 1100 AoE around your target location in the last 25 seconds
                                For each recent allied teleport in the area, time is added to your Teleport's casting time (2 seconds for the first recent allied teleport, 1 second for each additional one), the default casting time is 3 seconds
                                Recent allied teleports have no effect if the target is in the fountain area
                                Shares cooldown with Boots of Travel
                                Costs 75 Mana, and has a 65 second cooldown

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