Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BATRIDER – Jin’zakk | Item Build | DotA

DOTA STRATEGY – Batrider can play the role of both Tanker and Carry type hero. As a Tanker his skills are very useful for him and it is preferable for him to be Tanker. While being Carry type hero, his playful moves together with best items can finish the game during mid game. Usually Batrider plays together with support in trilane battles. Though Batrider is a slow farmer, he can still make the gold profit in killing heroes.

The early game item build for Batrider can be the following:

Quelling Blade – This helps Batrider to kill easily when creeping for better farming.
Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item helps Batrider to regenerate when in mid health condition.
Healing Salve – This item helps Batrider to regenerate more fast whenever he is in a low health condition.
Ironwood Branch – This item grants each attributes for Batrider giving him more strength and toughness.
Magic Stick – This helps you to counter spell caster enemy heroes.
Stout Shield – This helps you to defend yourself against harassing enemy heroes. This is upgraded into Vanguard.
Clarity Potion – This item helps Batrider to regenerate his mana whenever it is in low condition.

The mid game item build for Batrider can be the following:

Power Treads – This boots gives him strength and speed.
Vanguard – This item gives him Health Points and toughness during the game. This item can be maintained until the late game.
Kelen’s Dagger – This can help him to gank, escape and chase enemies.
Phase Boots – This is a better choose in escaping and chasing enemies.
Black King Bar – This helps him to tank and hit more during clash preventing spells to cast on him.
Hood of Defiance – This helps to reduce any incoming magical damage.

The late game item build for Batrider can be the following:

Radiance – As a fast farmer game he can easily built this item during the mid game. This item helps him in farming and grants him attack damage.
Mekansm – This provides Batrider and his nearby allies armor and hitpoints.
Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight – This helps allies of Batrider and himself to prevent magic for damaging more.
Force Staff – This helps Batrider in chasing and escaping.
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity – This grants Batrider the ability to cyclone enemies and himself for chasing, setting and escaping.
Dagon – This grants Batrider an ability to instant kill an enemy.
Bloodstone – This grants him more HP and mana regeneration and also toughness.
Boots of Travel – This item is very helpful in pushing strategies and farming and for immediate response in clash.


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