Sunday, November 4, 2012

MOON RIDER — Luna Moonfang | Item Build | DotA

Luna Moonfang is one of the best carry heroes in her games. Her ability to multiply her attacks is her great offense plus his ultimate skill. Although she is not that tough to survive in early game because of her low strength, she can be a dangerous late gamer if equip with all her items. That is why her enemies are on her way to chase her during the early game but a good farming strategy and survival during the early to mid game will bring her to success.

The early game item build of Luna can be the following:

Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item helps Luna to regenerate when in mid health condition.
Healing Salve – This item helps Luna to regenerate more fast whenever he is in a low health condition.
Ironwood Branch – This item grants each attributes for Luna giving her more strength and toughness.
Magic Stick – This helps you to counter spell caster enemy heroes.
Empty Bottle – This item keeps you to cast spell in constant giving you source of mana and health. Require to play with a courier.

The mid game item build for Luna can be the following:

Power Treads – This boots gives her strength and speed.
Helm of Dominator – This grants her life steal
Hyperstone – This item helps her to do more attack speed. This can be upgraded to Assault Cuirass.
Black King Bar – This helps her to tank and hit more during clash preventing spells to cast on her.
Lothar’s Edge – This can help her to gank, escape and chase enemies.
Perseverance – This grants her both the regeneration of his health and mana.
Yasha – This grants her agility.

The late game item build for Luna can be the following:

Assault Cuirass – This item grants her attack speed and armor.
Heart of Tarrasque – This grants her massive strength adding more health points.
Satanic – This is an upgrade to the Helm of Dominator.
Divine Rapier – This can be one of the late game item for Luna if your team is near on winning the game.
Butterfly – This item gives Luna more attack speed and grants evasion that counters other melee enemy heroes.
Manta Style – This helps Luna to replicate herself into three to help him during the clash.

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