Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ROGUE KNIGHT — Sven | Item Build | DotA

Sven plays the role of a Carry and can also play Support. His ability to cast his stun with an AoE is a great help to his allies. Also, his ability to strengthen his physical damage is his ace during clashes and pushing. With great items and good strategy, Sven is a beast and so powerful nothing can stand out his way. Still, Sven needs great supporting allies to win the game.

The early game item build for Sven can be the following:

Quelling Blade – This helps Sven to kill easily when creeping for better farming.
Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item helps Sven to regenerate when in mid health condition.
Healing Salve – This item helps Sven to regenerate more fast whenever he is in a low health condition.
Ironwood Branch – This item grants each attributes for Sven giving him more strength and toughness.
Magic Stick – This helps you to counter spell caster enemy heroes.
Stout Shield – This helps you to defend yourself against harassing enemy heroes.
Empty Bottle – This item keeps you to cast spell in constant giving you source of mana and health. Require to play with a courier.

The mid game item build for Sven can be the following:

Power Treads – This boots gives him strength and speed.
Vanguard – This item gives him Health Points and toughness during the game. This item can be maintained until the late game.
Perseverance – This item gives Sven a great both health and mana regeneration. This might be upgraded into Battlefury or Linken’s Sphere.
Lothar’s Edge – This item grants Sven a lot more chance in escaping and chasing heroes.
Ancient Janggo of Endurance – This might help Sven to kill with group, faster attack speed with high attack power is indeed for him.
Kelen’s Dagger – This can help him to gank, escape and chase enemies.

The late game item build for Sven can be the following:

Assault Cuirass – This item grants him attack speed and armor.
Heart of Tarrasque – This grants him massive strength adding more health points.
Black King Bar – This is very helpful in playing against spell caster heroes.
Boots of Travel – This item is very helpful in pushing strategies and farming and for immediate response in clash.
Radiance – This gives him attack damage and helps for better farming.
Maelstrom – This item gives him attack damage and speed plus helps him in killing enemies. This item can be upgraded to Mjollnir.
Battlefury – This helps Sven in farming, attack damage and HP regeneration.

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