Saturday, May 25, 2013

DOTA 2 Update - May 24, 2013

Elder Titan:
- Fixed  Natural Order not upgrading on Elder Titan.
Ancestral Spirit:
- Fixed waking up units that were hit by the Spirit Stomp.
- Fixed having the wrong radius while returning after it expired.
- Fixed  Shadow Blade incorrectly revealing its owner on secondary attack types if they occurred after the fade time.

- The combat log is now localized.
- The Watch tab will now default to the Tournaments sub-tab if there is a live match.
- Added an automatic "(idle)" tag in Rich Presence for players that are AFK.
- Tournaments are now sorted by their last game played.
- Fixed a bug where notifications of item purchases didn't work if the courier did the purchase.
- Fixed bug where chat ban notifications weren't displaying hours left correctly.

- Reduced memory usage.

- Updated  Night Stalker  Darkness sound and made it global for teammates.
- Fixed  Mana Leak target sound.
- Fixed  Dust of Appearance sound.

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