Friday, June 14, 2013

Item Build for Tiny – Stone Giant | DotA

The Starting Item Build Tiny can be the following:

Ancient Tango of Essifation – This item helps Tiny to regenerate when in mid health condition.
Healing Salve – This item helps Tiny to regenerate more fast whenever he is in a low health condition.
Ironwood Branch (3x) – This item grants each attributes for Tiny giving him more strength and toughness.
Stout Shield – This helps you to defend yourself against harassing enemy heroes.

The Core Item Build for Tiny can be the following:

Phase Boots – This grants Tiny’s attack damage and additional movement speed during its phase ability.
Ancient Janggo of Endurance – This might help Sven to kill with group, faster attack speed with high attack power is indeed for him.
Yasha – This grants Tiny agility to both attack and movement speed as well as damage.
Aghanim’s Scepter – This improves his ultimate skill reducing its cooldown and improving damage.

The Extension Item Build for Tiny can be the following:

Manta Style – This grants agility and some attributes to Tiny.
Assault Cuirass – This grants attack speed and armor to Tiny.
Buriza Do-Kyanon – This gives Tiny massive attack damage and a critical strike chance.
Mjollnir – This item gives him attack damage and speed plus helps him in killing enemies.


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